Introducing Our New Brand: Phox Water

Since Kinetic Water was launched just over a year ago we have established a broad customer base focused around our value system of health, environment and social wellbeing. After our first year, we now have customers across Europe; in the UK, Ireland, Spain, Germany, Italy, and France. And we have achieved our 2019 goal of saving 1 million plastic bottles through use of our alkaline water filter

If you have been following us across our social media channels, you’ll already be aware that we are rebranding. You may even have participated in our customer brand awareness survey and had your own input on our rebrand ideas. Kinetic Water has been warmly received by our customers over the past 12 months but we have reached a watershed moment in our journey. We feel that to help us towards our goals and more effectively represent the values we present to our customers every day, we need to realign the brand. This means enhancements in several areas including the name and logo, while maintaining all the good bits from Kinetic Water that have brought us so much success in the past year. 

Phox Water provides a more astute representation of our values and along with our new logo, becomes a symbol of the clean, crisp, revitalising water our products provide. To ensure we are in tune with our customers, we have selected the most popular choices in terms of logo and colour scheme from our brand awareness survey. Phox is the amalgamation of pH (to represent the key benefit of our alkaline water filter) and ox (which highlights the anti-oxidant properties of the water). The prime characteristic of the logo is simple, clean minimalism which underlines our commitment to reducing water contaminants and eliminating the environmental impact of plastic bottle consumption. It is these features which we feel can take the brand to the next level in capturing a global audience committed to helping us achieve our goals in the fields of health, environmentalism and social wellbeing. 

We find ourselves at the inception of a plastic crisis across the globe, with plastic bottle consumption at the heart of the problem. New data published by The Guardian shows that 1 million plastic bottles are bought around the world every minute. In the UK, we use 38.5m every single day. The most concerning thing about this data is that in 2016 less than half of the 480 billion plastic bottles sold were recycled, and only 7% used to make new plastic bottles. The weight of plastic produced globally is now the same as the entire weight of humanity. The massive growth in the bottled water industry is a huge factor in this problem and The Guardian suggests the plastic crisis is as serious as global warming itself. This presents big challenges for us and as Phox Water we are determined to give you the solutions to solve the problem with our product range. 

We will also be continuing our aim to help provide clean water to those who are most in need with the implementation of more concepts like our Pay it Forward Life Straws. We remain committed to becoming the primary alternative to bottled water by expanding our product range to include portable, refillable bottles that complement our countertop alkaline water filter and give you the same revitalising drinking water on-the-go. This will further boost our capacity to reduce plastic water bottle use and we are focused on constantly finding ways to improve our product range to give you high quality solutions which we can use to improve public health, sustainability and take care of the environment.

Phox Water. Drink Clean.