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Discover the Science Behind Antioxidant Water

Discover the Science Behind Antioxidant Water

In the age of detoxing and antioxidants, it can be like a badge of honour for a food or liquid to justifiably claim these qualities. Green tea, blueberries and dark chocolate are only a few of the products that have becoming increasingly popular with the millennials seeking those new revitalising dietary habits, due to their rich antioxidant properties. It may come as a surprise then, that water alone can have it's very own antioxidant properties. This is measured by Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) and can be altered by certain filtration processes.

What is ORP?

ORP is 'stored' potential energy that is expressed in terms of electrical millivolts when measured in water. By measuring the slight voltage present in the liquid with an ORP meter, you can find out whether the water has more oxidising or reducing agents. An 'oxidising' agent is something that steals electrons from the surface which is oxidised. On the other hand, a 'reducing' agent is something that inhibits or slows down the process of oxidation. This is done by 'donating' an electron, therefore a reducing agent is essentially an antioxidant as it simply reduces oxidation.

ORP and pH Level

The relationship between ORP and pH level is straight forward - water with a higher pH level has more 'reducing' agents and water with a lower pH level has more 'oxidising' agents. The ORP range goes from -2,000-+2,000 millivolts (mV). Therefore, higher pH level water is likely to be around the low (-) range and low pH water is low (+) range.

Alkaline Water Filter Antioxidant Water

Tap water is generally between the range of +200mV-600mV. This can be improved by raising the pH level of your drinking water through alkaline filtration processes. The ORP level of source water from your tap will vary though, because of the different levels of minerals, contaminants and pH of the water in each supply area.

Antioxidant Water

Mineral-rich antioxidant water has a range of taste and health benefits which make it a much better option than standard water, and even many forms of bottled water. The best option for ensuring drinking water quality and avoiding consumption of single-use plastic bottles is to use an alkaline water filter which can reduce the ORP level of your water - while providing all the other accompanying benefits - giving it a new anti-oxidative twist.

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Electrolytes: What, Why & How

Electrolytes: What, Why & How

Electrolytes. You've almost certainly heard the term in the marketing campaigns of sports & energy drinks companies but do you know what they are?

An electrolyte is a substance that produces an electrically conducting solution when dissolved into water. They carry electrical charges which are essential for carrying out important physiological functions in the human body.

The table below shows the main electrolytes and the functions they perform in your body:


Functions in the body


Necessary for muscle contraction, nerve function, blood clotting, cell division, healthy bones and teeth


Maintains fluid balance in the body


Regulates heart contraction, helps maintain fluid balance


Necessary for muscle contraction, nerve function, heart rhythm, bone strength, generating energy and building protein


Maintains fluid balance and necessary for muscle contraction and nerve function

In order to maintain electrolyte balance, they must be kept within narrow concentration levels in the body so that they can carry out their critical functions. In periods of intense exercise or illness, your body can experience electrolyte imbalance which is why it's imperative to replace them through fluid intake. This is why sports drink brands have made electrolytes the central part of their marketing campaign, because electrolyte balance is so important for athletes.

Symptoms of Electrolyte Imbalance

  • Muscle aches and spasms
  • Feeling thirsty
  • Blood Pressure changes 
  • Dizziness 
  • Insomnia
  • Restlessness 
  • Joint Pain 


You may be forgiven for thinking that over-hydration is not particularly common, but because it has many of the same symptoms as dehydration, it can often be mistaken. Over-hydration can lead to a condition called hyponatremia which causes the body to flush out all of the electrolytes in our system. As many of these electrolytes in standard drinking water are found in very low concentrations, over consumption can cause a diluting effect on electrolytes within your system. This is more of a risk for professional endurance athletes who train outside in intense heat. 

How an Alkaline Water Filter can help?

Popular sports drinks designed to replace electrolytes are often high in potassium and sodium but lacking in calcium and magnesium. Depending on the brand, they may also be high in sugar. Many of these electrolytes however can be added to drinking water. Sodium, calcium and magnesium are added to your drinking water with our alkaline water filter. This makes replacing electrolytes and maintaining balance of these minerals a seamless part of your everyday routine and avoids the risk of diluting electrolytes by drinking water devoid of these ingredients. This is also likely to lower the risk of over-hydration. Not only that but it provides a cheaper alternative than bottled sports drinks brands, which are generally at least £1 per 500ml bottle. And of course, the less we consume plastic bottles the better it is for the environment


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Alkaline Water Filter

Can Alkaline Water Give You Heartburn?

Can Alkaline Water Give You Heartburn?

I think you'll agree that acid reflux (or heartburn) can be one of the most irritating experiences you can suffer from after enjoying your evening meal. Not only can it cause great discomfort for hours after eating but it can also trigger a frustrating sense of regret about indulging in your favourite cuisine.

There are numerous reputed remedies for acid reflux but could the most simple cure have been easily accessible in your home all this time? 

In today's post, we're going to show you how you can cure acid reflux using the most common household appliance. 

What is Acid Reflux and How Does it Occur?

Perhaps more commonly known as heartburn or indigestion, acid reflux is often caused by Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD).

It is primarily caused by reactivation of the enzyme known as pepsin. Pepsinogen is activated and converted into pepsin in the presence of stomach acid. The primary purpose of pepsin is to break proteins down into amino acids making them easier for your body to absorb.

The enzyme becomes inactive after this process but is subsequently reactivated by consuming acidic foods and drinks. This can cause tissue inflammation leading that uncomfortable burning sensation in your stomach and esopheagus. 



Can Alkaline Water Give You Heartburn?

An interesting study by Kaufman & Johnston (2012) investigated that potential benefits of pH 8.8 alkaline drinking water as an adjunct in the treatment of reflux disease. They set out to test whether consuming water with a pH level of 8.8 could inactivate human pepsin more effectively than conventional-pH water such as those straight from the tap or bottled varieties (which they estimated between 6.7-7.4). 

The study found that pH 8.8 alkaline water irreversibly inactivated human pepsin and its hydrochloric acid-buffering capacity far exceeded that of those conventional forms of drinking water

The University of Maryland has also suggested that drinking filtered water throughout the day can help prevent heartburn.

The Best Part...

You may think that alkaline water is an expensive commodity. This can be true in the form of bottled brands and large reverse osmosis systems, however a countertop alkaline water filter, which has a five-stage activated carbon process can give you alkaline water with the enhanced pH level required to reverse heartburn at just 2.5p per litre

An alkaline water filter allows you to access the drinking water needed to cure acid reflux straight from your kitchen tap. Filtering out the impurities, odours and toxins found in tap water while giving you the great taste of bottled water without the financial or environmental cost. 

So if you find yourself suffering from indigestion more often than you'd like, the perfect remedy may just be as simple as improving your drinking water. 


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