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21 Amazing Benefits of Filtered Water

21 Amazing Benefits of Filtered Water

If you think that your tap water can't be improved then this article isn't for you. In 2016, only 38% of participants said that 'tap water is good quality in terms of taste and smell' in the Consumer Council for Water's Attitudes to Tap Water Report.

Despite the comparatively good standard of drinking water we have available it still has several impurities. In the case of tap water, odours, heavy metals and cleansing chemicals such as chlorine can remain present, causing unpleasant smells and tastes. In addition to these drawbacks, there can be adverse health affects associated regular consumption of water which inhabits these contaminants. We have also seen in various water crises that tap water is never 100% reliable. 

You may think bottled water is the ideal solution, however, the cost of this both to your finances and the environment means that the best way to ensure your drinking water is of an adequate standard is to invest in a countertop water filter.

Here are 21 benefits you can access with filtered water:   

  1. Eliminate Tap Water Odour

Do you ever turn on the kitchen tap in a bid to rehydrate yourself only to baulk at the odour emanating from the water? Tap water is treated with a range of chemicals and is exposed to heavy metals which give it that unpalatable smell and taste that make it almost unbearable.

The potency of this odour can vary depending on the water quality in your area but one of the best benefits of filtered water is that you can make this odour thing of the past and give yourself clean drinking water. 

  1. Remove Chlorine

Chlorine is the most common cleansing chemical used to treat water supplies in the UK. While chlorine is vital to remove dangerous bacteria and diseases from the water, the tiny proportion that remains can contribute to that tap water odour we’ve already discussed.

The US Council of Environmental Quality once found that cancer risk was 93% higher among those who were exposed to chlorinated drinking water.

The World Health Organisation also found an increased risk of bladder cancer among populations drinking chlorinated water versus those not exposed to chlorinated water over half of their lifetimes.

  1. Save Money on Bottled Water

Drinking bottled water has become popular culture in the recent decade. The explosion of the fitness industry has coincided and aided the growth of people consuming a lot more bottled water. While this is positive from a public health perspective because people are increasingly opting for water over fizzy soft drinks, it is still needlessly expensive.

Bottled water can be up to 30x more expensive than water from a filter. Whether you’re buying it by the crate or religiously buying a bottle per day, you are massively overspending compared to the price per litre you receive from a water filter. This financial benefit of filtered water not only saves you money but gives you the same revitalising taste you expect from bottled water, straight from your tap.

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  1. Reduce Plastic Footprint

The biggest problem with the surge in the bottled water market is that it’s ruining the environment. 1,000,000 plastic bottles are sold around the world every minute and less than half of the 480 billion plastic bottles sold in 2016 were properly recycled. It requires 17 million barrels of oil every year to produce the level of plastic bottles currently being consumed globally, and the amount of plastic produced each year is now the same weight as humanity!

Commentators suggest that the plastic crisis could soon be as a big threat as global warming to the future of the planet. A water filter allows you to get rid of the need for single-use PET plastic bottles for good. What better benefit of filtered water could there be than saving the planet?!

Alkaline Water Filter

  1. Remove Heavy Metals

Another common contaminant in tap water supplies is heavy metals. Quantities of mercury, lead, arsenic and dioxins, to name but a few, have all been found present in water supplies across the UK. Despite the fact that these are only found in small concentrations, the true extent of the implications of consuming them through water remain unclear. Lead, for example, is known to be extremely harmful and has been linked to a range of health problems in humans. A 2011 Clinical Biochemistry study found a link between postnatal lead toxicity and the development of autism. Other studies have also linked lead exposure to prostate problems in men and reproductive issues for both men and women.

  1. Enhance Hydration

The key improvements a water filter can make to your drinking water quality are not limited to simply removing contaminants. Depending on the quality of the filter, your water can be enhanced to the point where you actually receive a much higher level of hydration than you would from standard tap water.

A 2010 study in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition found that drinking mineral-based alkaline water improved the hydration levels of a group who consumed it over a 2-week period better than a control group who were given non-mineralised ‘placebo’ water. Alkaline filters can enhance the mineral content of your tap water along with improving its pH level meaning a far superior level of hydration than basic tap water.

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  1. Improved Digestion

Water with an enhanced mineral content can also aid in improving your digestion. As stated above proper hydration you can gain from a water filter makes it easier for your body to transport minerals and nutrients throughout your body. Gaining this optimal level of nutrients not only makes you feel better but also helps digest soluble fibre making the whole digestion process much simpler.  

  1. Reduce Acid Reflux

While this improvement may not be possible with all standard water filters, alkaline water filters have been found to reduce the condition known as acid reflux or heartburn. As alkaline water alters the pH level of drinking water, it can help to neutralise the acidic build-up that causes that uncomfortable burning sensation in your oesophagus.

An interesting study by Kaufman & Johnston (2012) documented the acid-buffering capacity of alkaline water and found that water with a pH level of 8.8 could inactivate human pepsin more effectively than conventional pH water, which varies depending on your area but tends to be stable around 6.0-7.0.

  1. Improve Skin Health

One of the most underrated tips for maintaining healthy, clear skin is drinking plenty of water. Now, as we’ve already established the benefits of drinking filtered water mean it is much better for your body in a range of ways and this is the case in terms of skincare too. Water with an improved mineral content has a direct effect on hydrating your skin by flushing toxins out of your body more effectively. The absence of chlorine in your drinking water will also aid your pursuit of healthier skin because chlorine is known to deplete the natural oils of your hair and skin. 

  1. Aid Weight Loss

If you’re trying to lose weight and get in shape drinking more water is the most basic foundation. Drinking water alone can increase an adult’s resting energy expenditure by 24-30% just ten minutes after drinking. Drinking water is also reputed to be effective in reducing your appetite.

A range of studies have documented the effects of this, including one in the National Centre for Biotechnology Information which found that middle-aged adults who drank 500ml of water prior to each main meal for a period of 12 weeks, consumed 44% fewer calories than the ‘non-water group’.

11.  Anti-Oxidant Properties

Wouldn’t it be great if you’re water filter not only removed unwanted contaminants but also gained anti-oxidant properties in the process? How can water be anti-oxidant I hear you ask. Well, it’s measured by the Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP).

ORP is the ability of one liquid substance to reduce the oxidation levels of another. ORP ranges between -2,000 to +2,000, the more powerful the anti-oxidant capacity then the lower level of ORP. A Phox filter lowers the ORP level of your water, giving it anti-oxidant properties. 

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Benefits of Filtered Water

  1. It Makes Better Tea

There are few things in life held in higher esteem than a good cuppa. We all have a very particular way that we enjoy tea and anyone who makes it had better know how we like it before they reach for the kettle! A very commonly referenced benefit of filtered water when people they’re first introduced to one is that it makes their tea so much better and we know how everyone loves their tea in the UK! In areas where the water is particularly hard or where limescale is a big problem, a water filter makes all the difference when it comes time for a cuppa.

  1. Reduce Lime Scale

As we touched upon in reason 12, a countertop water filter can help you to remove limescale from your drinking water. In areas where water is particularly hard, the bigger problem limescale will be. Limescale is a residue left behind by calcium carbonate and is responsible for that horrible scaly layer found in your boiled water. With a water filter limescale in your drinking or cooking water will be a thing of the past. 

  1. Reduce Cardio Stress

Yes, that’s right! The powers of a water filter even extend into the realm of fitness and endurance. While this is not the case with all types of water filters, scientific research has found that alkalising supplements can reduce cardio stress in period of intense physical output.

A study by Daniel P Heli (2010) split up two groups of twelve professional skiers to ascertain whether ingestion of an alkalising substance could improve cardiorespiratory and other performance markers. The test group experienced substantially lower cardiorespiratory stress, lower blood lactate levels and higher levels of upper body power than the placebo group. 

  1. Make Drinking More Water Easier

One of the less reputed benefits of a countertop water filter is that it will help you drink more water. Reviews of water filters have shown that people are surprised by the increase in their water intake after purchasing their new filter. Having mineral-rich clean drinking water at the ready in your kitchen, means you don’t have to run to the shops to stock on bottled water or reach for that unpleasant tap water when you’re in need of hydration.

Alkaline Water Filter

16. Eliminate Dissolved Organic Contaminants

Besides the main water contaminants like heavy metals and chlorine, a growing concern in tap water supplies is dissolved organics such as drug, pesticide and hormone residues. This is a relatively new problem that has yet to be fully investigated. Whether the trace amounts of these residues are harmful when consumed through water is not scientifically proven but there is no doubt a water filter would help towards reducing their effect. The higher the quality of the filter then the more capacity it will to potentially removes these contaminants. The more layers and elements contained within the filter then the higher number of contaminants it is able to remove.  

  1. Tastier Food

Removing chemicals and contaminants from your water supply prior to cooking can mean that the natural flavours of your food should be better preserved. Cooking with unfiltered water means that the contaminants like heavy metals & chlorine may absorb some of the natural flavours of your food. It is a common thought that boiling water prior to cooking is adequate to reduce contaminants however this is not the case in terms of heavy metals and chlorine.

Alkaline Water Filter

  1. Make Healthier Smoothies

It might not seem like an obvious benefit, but using filtered water is a great idea for those of you who make smoothies at home. Instead of using fruit juice bases, which have a very high sugar content and can overpower the taste of the fruit in the smoothie, filtered water will be a much cleaner, healthier alternative. Giving the smoothie a refreshing, low sugar taste your body will get the full benefit of the fruit!

  1. Protect Your Teeth

An alkaline water filter which raises the pH level the of your water can help protect against the acidic properties of low or neutral pH water. A 2017 study by Fischer et al. studied the varying pH levels of bottled water in relation to use by patients suffering from dry mouth. They concluded that doctors should be aware of the pH level of bottled water that patients are drinking to relieve dry mouth because those with acidic pH levels may cause further deterioration and demineralization of tooth structure.

  1. Stave off colds and flus

Drinking adequate levels of water is so vital for bodily function, and as we know filtering your water will make it so much easier to drink more. Dr David Lewis carried out research on this issue and stated: "The first line of defence is the mucus membrane in the nose," he said. "This acts like a sticky fly paper to trap things like dust, dirt and bacteria and prevent them getting to the lungs. "If you are dehydrated the mucus membrane will dry out and when this happens it is half as effective in stopping the potentially harmful particles entering the system." 

  1. Increase Your Energy

Staying adequately hydrated with revitalising filtered water will help you raise and maintain your energy levels throughout the day. So often when we feel a little tired or suffer a lack of focus during our everyday routines the cause is dehydration and yet we often try to solve it with stimulants like coffee, which can further dehydrate us. A water filter can help you stay alert all day by maintaining optimum hydration.

Give Your Body The Water It Deserves

You can access healthy, filtered mineral water free of odours and contaminants but without the price or waste involved in bottled water, by clicking here

10 Simple Hacks to Help You Drink More Water

10 Simple Hacks to Help You Drink More Water

What colour was your urine the last time you visited the bathroom? It seems like an invasive question to start the latest addition to the blog, but you should know that this a pretty standard indicator of hydration. Use the chart below as a reference, left being very hydrated of course and right being extremely dehydrated. 

Drinking water has become more than fashionable over the last decade, yet that doesn't mean that everyone is finding it easier to drink enough and stay hydrated. The average person in the UK drinks 1.7L per day, some way short of the 2.5L minimum recommended for male adults and the 2.0L recommended for women. 

It can be difficult to integrate drinking water as a habit into your busy daily routine and that's why we've put together this list of 10 steps you can take to drink enough water and stay hydrated on autopilot. 

1. Set a Goal 

Alkaline Water Filter Goals

Have you ever heard of the saying 'what gets measured gets done'? Well, it's about time you set yourself a daily water goal. This will be specific to your own routine and levels of output. You can adapt it to meet your own needs related to how long do you exercise everyday, how physically demanding is your daily routine, and how important mental focus is for you. All of these things are totally dependent on optimal hydration. 

Take 5 minutes and think about how much water you need to drink to stay perfectly hydrated. Even use your urine as an ongoing indicator of how much you really need. For example, if it's a pale straw colour at 2pm and you've drank 1.5L then make 1.5L your minimum target by 2pm everyday. 

You can't meet goals that you haven't set! 

2. Get a Reusable Bottle 

Alkaline Water Filter

Welcome to Drink More Water 101! This is one of the most imperative steps to making hydration an everyday habit. It won't take you long to find yourself in waterless situation without one. 

This means that you can have the bottle with you at all times; commuting, at the office or in the gym. The more situations where you can have a bottle with you at all times, the easier it'll be to drink more water! 

3. Incentivise Yourself 

Have you ever lost a Snapchat streak? Or a Duolingo streak? It's not a nice feeling. Of course, we could examine the psychology of why we feel like this all day, but suffice it to say that gamification works. Making anything a game is a really effective way of motivating yourself to met a goal. We don't like losing.

This is closely related to setting a daily water goal but why not add a game element to it, by rewarding yourself at the end of a 7 day streak of meeting your daily water goal? Allow yourself that treat at the weekend or start a water savings account and add to it every time you achieve your weekly goal. 

4. Use an App 

As with most things that we can track nowadays - there's an app for it! Download an app that will allow you to track our progress towards your daily goal. 

Many of you may already use MyFitnessPal, which has an integration for drinking water. As you can see below, at the bottom of your diary you can add water and then select the quantity. 

App - Alkaline Water Filter   App - Alkaline Water Filter

5. Set Reminders 

Put that smartphone to use and set reminders at regular intervals to trigger your mind to drink. Eventually, as you get used to the routine your brain will become accustomed to drinking more water at those exact times. This is a great tip for inducing new habits in all realms but works great for drinking too. See the example below: 

Reminder Alkaline Water Filter

6. Make Water Part of Breakfast

Try and get into the habit of drinking at least 500ml between getting up and leaving the house in the morning. Think about it, if you're daily goal is 2.5L and you drink 500ml at breakfast time that means that you're 20% of the way there before you've even stepped out the door! 

7. Make Water a Bedtime Habit

You guessed it! If you take that idea from breakfast time and apply it to your nightly routine before bed then you can easily fit 40% of your water intake into the hour or so at the start and end of your day. A 500ml glass an hour before bed should be little enough not disturb your sleep with a visit to the toilet. 

8. Replace Fizzy Drinks with Water 

If you have a fizzy drinks, or soda, habit it's high time you kicked it and replaced it with a water habit! Admittedly it's a lot harder to get addicted to something with no sugar content I know, but that Diet Coke is doing nothing for you nutritionally and your body will be much better off if you replaced it with water. There are numerous scientific studies that highlight the impact of a fizzy juice habit both in terms of calories and health problems.

Researchers from Cancer Council Victoria and the University of Melbourne recently published the results of a study that shows just one can of soda a day can increase cancer risk - regardless of whether it is diet or non-diet. 

9. Exercise 

The more you exercise, the more water your body will demand. Hopefully with some of the other steps listed above, you'll also be able to drink throughout your workout and keep your body hydrated. 

You can lose up to 17oz of water in a one hour run, so it's important to keep your body fuelled while you exercise. But if you're able to do so, you'll feel great! 

10. Invest in a filter

We've saved the most important hack for last. If you don't already have one, get yourself an alkaline water filter. It goes without saying that drinking more water is so much easier with a filter in your home. No more horrible tap water and no need to worry about lugging those multipacks of plastic water bottles home from your trips to the supermarket! 

Make drinking tap water a joy, rather than a chore and you will be drinking more water without even thinking about it! 


Introducing Our New Brand: Phox Water

Introducing Our New Brand: Phox Water

Since Kinetic Water was launched just over a year ago we have established a broad customer base focused around our value system of health, environment and social wellbeing. After our first year, we now have customers across Europe; in the UK, Ireland, Spain, Germany, Italy, and France. And we have achieved our 2019 goal of saving 1 million plastic bottles through use of our alkaline water filter

If you have been following us across our social media channels, you’ll already be aware that we are rebranding. You may even have participated in our customer brand awareness survey and had your own input on our rebrand ideas. Kinetic Water has been warmly received by our customers over the past 12 months but we have reached a watershed moment in our journey. We feel that to help us towards our goals and more effectively represent the values we present to our customers every day, we need to realign the brand. This means enhancements in several areas including the name and logo, while maintaining all the good bits from Kinetic Water that have brought us so much success in the past year. 

Phox Water provides a more astute representation of our values and along with our new logo, becomes a symbol of the clean, crisp, revitalising water our products provide. To ensure we are in tune with our customers, we have selected the most popular choices in terms of logo and colour scheme from our brand awareness survey. Phox is the amalgamation of pH (to represent the key benefit of our alkaline water filter) and ox (which highlights the anti-oxidant properties of the water). The prime characteristic of the logo is simple, clean minimalism which underlines our commitment to reducing water contaminants and eliminating the environmental impact of plastic bottle consumption. It is these features which we feel can take the brand to the next level in capturing a global audience committed to helping us achieve our goals in the fields of health, environmentalism and social wellbeing. 

We find ourselves at the inception of a plastic crisis across the globe, with plastic bottle consumption at the heart of the problem. New data published by The Guardian shows that 1 million plastic bottles are bought around the world every minute. In the UK, we use 38.5m every single day. The most concerning thing about this data is that in 2016 less than half of the 480 billion plastic bottles sold were recycled, and only 7% used to make new plastic bottles. The weight of plastic produced globally is now the same as the entire weight of humanity. The massive growth in the bottled water industry is a huge factor in this problem and The Guardian suggests the plastic crisis is as serious as global warming itself. This presents big challenges for us and as Phox Water we are determined to give you the solutions to solve the problem with our product range. 

We will also be continuing our aim to help provide clean water to those who are most in need with the implementation of more concepts like our Pay it Forward Life Straws. We remain committed to becoming the primary alternative to bottled water by expanding our product range to include portable, refillable bottles that complement our countertop alkaline water filter and give you the same revitalising drinking water on-the-go. This will further boost our capacity to reduce plastic water bottle use and we are focused on constantly finding ways to improve our product range to give you high quality solutions which we can use to improve public health, sustainability and take care of the environment.

Phox Water. Drink Clean.