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21 Amazing Benefits of Filtered Water

If you think that your tap water can't be improved then this article isn't for you. In 2016, only 38% of participants said that 'tap water is good quality in terms of taste and smell' in the Consumer Council for Water's Attitudes to Tap Water Report. Despite the comparatively good standard of drinking water we have available it still has several impurities. In the case of tap water, odours, heavy metals and cleansing chemicals such as chlorine can remain present, causing unpleasant smells and tastes. In addition to these drawbacks, there can be adverse health affects associated regular consumption of water which inhabits these contaminants. We have also seen in various water crises that tap water is never 100% reliable. ...

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10 Easy Steps to Cutting Your Plastic Waste this Summer

12 million tonnes of plastic end up in the ocean every year and only 9% of all plastic ever produced has been recycled (Friendsoftheearth.uk).    Blue Planet II recently highlighted the terrible effect this is having on our oceans and the marine life which inhabits them. New statistics are also emerging all the time that underline the severity of the problem that plastic poses to the earth and the issue has been propelled into the mainstream media spotlight giving it much needed awareness.    Are you aware just how much plastic you use on a daily basis?  Plastic gets everywhere. Despite the damage current levels are doing to the environment, oceans and even food chains, global investment in plastic production is...

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The Plastic Crisis: Solutions

In January, we posted a blog update on The Environmental Cost of Bottled Water, which looked at the growth of the market for bottled water in recent years and its implications for the planet. In just 9 months, the extent of the environmental ramifications is becoming an increasing concern with new statistics being published on a regular basis which highlight a wider plastic crisis that extends beyond single-use bottles alone. New Statistics Environmental campaigners have recently forecast that the plastic crisis should now be considered as serious a threat as climate change. The Guardian have also recently published new research on the severity of plastic bottle consumption which further underlines concerning levels of growth. Around 480 billion plastic bottles were...

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The Environmental Cost of Bottled Water

Over the past decade or so, the bottled water industry has exploded. It is estimated to have tripled in size over this period, with a massive array of brands now competing for consumers' attention across the sector. The most notable brands in the industry, such as Volvic, Evian or Vittel for example, are now far from the only recognisable bottled water brands in the world. They have been joined by competitors like Smart Water, Vitamin Water, and Saka to name but a few. According to insinkerator.co.uk, 200 billion bottles of water are consumed globally every year - 176 billion of which are not adequately recycled. In the UK, we consume 300 million plastic bottles of water every year. There has...

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The Global Bottled Water Market

As we have discussed in previous blog posts, the bottled water market has experienced exponential expansion over the past ten years or so. In 1970, per capita consumption of bottled water across the world was estimated at one gallon. Today, it is around 30 gallons. Development of the industry has grown at varying paces in different countries, however it is now extremely well established in all regions of the globe. Displayed in the table below is per capita consumption by leading countries. Mexico has regularly led the per capita consumption table at 59.2 per capita in 2009, growing to 69.8 gallons in 2014. This is one country where the market has been strongly developed for a while. However, if we...

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