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The Best Way to Recycle Water Filters

At Phox, we've spent a great deal of time thinking about the best way to recycle water filters. While water filters are an excellent alternative to bottled water - and not nearly as wasteful - traditional filters still have a disposable element to them. At the end of each filter cycle, customers are faced with the responsibility of trying to recycle their used cartridges.  This may seem like a relatively straight forward responsibility and many users of water filters might well be motivated enough to follow the recycling steps, but why should that responsibility rest on their shoulders?   The Cost of Recycling Water Filters The harsh truth is that recycling water filters comes with an environmental cost of its own. Traditional...

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Phox Water v. Brita

With the V2, there's now even more that distinguishes Phox from Brita and other traditional filters.  Phox is Refillable The big difference now is that Phox has a refillable filter cartridge. This takes away the responsibility from you the customer to have to recycle your used cartridge every 30 days. Reusability guarantees no single-use plastic is going to landfill and circumvents the CO2 emissions of the entire recycling process. Choice of Refills  Phox is saying goodbye to the 'one size fits all' approach to water filtration. With the V2 you can choose the formula that suits your needs best. The Clean Pack will remove chlorine, odours and heavy metals while softening hard water. Whereas The Clean Alkaline Pack will remove...

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