Softener Refill Pack
Softener Refill Pack
Softener Refill Pack

Softener Refill Pack

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  • Each filter refill lasts 40 gallons or 30 days
  • Suitable for all Phox products
  • Built for 'very' hard water
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Filter formulaCertified to European Standard EN17093 for Lead, Chlorine, Nickel, Copper, Geosmin and 2-4-6 TPC removal.

A full run of the reservoir generally takes 4-6 minutes. Each filter refill lasts 200 litres (44 gallons) or 45 days. Use our app or sign up for email notifications to keep note of when to replace the granules. More info here.

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We are here to provide a solution to an ever increasing single-use plastic problem. In the pursuit of clean and tasty water, millions of filter cartridges go to landfill each year. In 2019 we decided to put an end to that by creating the first refillable filter cartridge.

To reduce our carbon footprint, we focused on finding UK companies to supply as many raw materials as possible. The manufacturing, packaging and design of the V2 is all done within a 30 mile radius of our office in Glasgow.

The Softener Pack is designed to remove limescale and hardness from 'very hard' tap water. Softer water leaves your kettle and appliances cleaner for longer.

why the softener pack

Hard Water

Some areas have high levels of calcium and magnesium in the water due to the bedrock in the area being made up of limestone and chalk, this makes the water 'hard'.

Soft Water

Soft water doesn't stick to kettles and coffee makers as the heavy minerals have been removed.

Removes contaminants

Built to remove heavy metals, chlorine and common particles that influence the smell and taste of water.

Softens very hard water


Removes bad taste and smell from tap water.


Activated carbon from coconut shell adsorbs common UK tap water nasties like lead, chlorine & copper.


Softens very hard water by reducing calcium and limescale build up.


Focused on calcium and magnesium (hardness) reduction. Only recommended for people with very hard water and persistent limescale issues.

our customers who Phox


I am very happy with my Phox system having had it for over a year. Living in an area with hard water. Phox water comes through tasting crisp and clean and l feel l am playing a little part of an eco friendly environment.

B Payne

I've been using Phox water jug and alkaline refills for a couple of years now. I love that I drink more water from the pitcher and have disregarded bottled water. The alkaline filtration is good for my stomach. The pitcher looks nice in my kitchen too!


Our very hard water fed from the South Downs is now clear and tasting good. Its amazing how the taste is different. Even tea tastes better. And the best thing is how environmentally friendly the process is.

C Glancy

We live in a very hard water area and it was amazing the difference the clean filter made. The water was softer and more pleasant to drink. The kettle which I’d descaled before using the Phox filter remains sparkling. Highly recommend these filters.

M Rose



Three bespoke formulas, built for the water in your area.


Receive refills to your mailbox on time, every time.


Replace the refill granules only, not the plastic cartridge.