Phox Compatible + 45 Day Pack (triyit)

Phox Compatible + 45 Day Pack (triyit)

The Reusable Cartridge That Fits Your Brita Jug
  • Refillable cartridge built for life.
  • Designed to fit all jugs, kettles & coffee machines that use Brita Maxtra & Maxtra+ cartridges.
  • Insert new filter granules every 45 days
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Phox Compatible

We realised that not everyone was ready to replace their Brita jug with the Phox V2.

So we decided to make a product that holds the refillable benefit of Phox but is compatible with Brita Maxtra+ and older Maxtra jugs.

This Compatible filter slots into your current jug and is built to last years instead of the standard 30 days. Simply replace the filter granules every 45 days.

Less waste, more taste.

How it works

- BPA & Phthalate free.
Phox products have built in anti-bacterial protection, staying cleaner for longer.

- Each filter refill lasts 200 litres (44 gallons) or 45 days

- Use our app or sign up for email notifications to keep note of when to replace the granules. More info here.

To clean your compatible cartridge, empty the filter granules and use warm soapy water. Use a sponge or brush to dislodge any particles that may be trapped in the exit grid. Suitable for dishwashing up to 60 degrees.

Repeat every time you renew the granules.

Customer experiences


Been a long time coming! Hated throwing away big lumps of plastic and so pleased to have this facility now! Great tasting water and very easy to install and refill when the time comes! Another step for us to being more eco & using less horrid plastics!

Julia B.

Goodbye Brita , Hello Phox.
Wow , what a brilliant piece of kit . No more plastic filter cartridges. Great design, good bye Brita , hello Phox . Easy to use, cheaper to change the filter every 45 days compared to Brita . Would highly recommend

Paul H.

Yes, a minute fiddle compared to the overpriced Britta Maxtra Cartridge. Yes, the water tastes much better for longer than the Britta Maxtra Cartridge. Yes, it’s better for the planet. Yes, I’d advise everyone to change over to this.

Keith N.

Really good, saves disposing of old cartridges every month, cutting back on plastic waste. Think green and save the planet

Dianne C.

Great tasting water! Could immediately taste the difference in our water. Even my cat has started drinking from his water bowl (whereas previously he preferred finding a puddle outdoors than our tap water).

Ponam L

Speedy delivery, well packaged, great product that has made a huge difference to the taste of our water - no more chlorine!

Lesley H

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