Phox Water | 3-Pack Replacement Filters |

Phox Water | 3-Pack Replacement Filters |

Phox Water | 3-Pack Replacement Filters |

  • Compatible with Kinetic Water Pitcher and Phox Pitcher 
  • Gives you spring water taste straight from your tap
  • Makes anti-oxidant rich Alkaline Water pH level between 7.5-9.5. Infused with electrolytes for optimal hydration.
  • Filters 350-400L of water, or lasts 60 days.
  • Removes tap water odour, hardness, heavy metals and pollutants

Layer one: The first layer consists of non-woven fabrics which remove any solid substances like rust, mud or soil from the water. Despite the fact that much of the our tap water systems in the developed world have already removed elements such as mud and soil to meet water quality standards, this first layer is an important first step in the filtration process because it removes the most basic unwanted contaminants should they be present.

Layer two: The second layer of the filter is made up of alkaline mineral balls. This is the section of the filter that enhances the pH level of the water. 

Layer three: The third layer is a National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) certified activated carbon layer. This is the part of the filter which absorbs the chlorine and eliminates heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides and the odour of normal tap water. This makes the water both clearer and cleaner while enhancing the taste.

Layer four: The fourth layer of the filter is NSF certified ION exchange resins. These adjust the calcium and magnesium content which softens the water, removing any hardness found in tap water and giving it a refreshing, smooth texture. Layer five:

The final layer of the filter is filled with FIR ceramic balls. These increase the oxygen content of the water, add some trace minerals and remove bacteria.