3 Month Refill Pack
3 Month Refill Pack

3 Month Refill Pack

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  • 3 x 40 gallon supply (3 months).
  • Suitable for all Phox products
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Filter formula
Certified to European Standard EN17093 for Lead, Chlorine, Nickel, Copper, Geosmin and 2-4-6 TPC removal.

A full run of the reservoir generally takes 4-6 minutes. Each filter refill lasts 40 gallons or 30 days. Use our app or sign up for email notifications to keep note of when to replace the granules.

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We are here to provide a solution to an ever increasing single-use plastic problem. In the pursuit of clean and tasty water, millions of filter cartridges go to landfill each year. In 2019 we decided to put an end to that by creating the first refillable filter cartridge.

To reduce our carbon footprint, we focused on finding UK companies to supply as many raw materials as possible. The manufacturing, packaging and design is all done within a 30 mile radius of our office in Glasgow.

The Alkaline Pack

Enjoy the benefits of magnesium enriched hydration. Our Alkaline pack maintains the calcium content, increases magnesium and pH. Removes Lead, Copper and Chlorine.

This pack does not soften hard water (reduce minerals). If that's important to you please check out our clean and softener packs.

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Water with superpowers

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Most branded water filters remove healthy minerals like calcium and magnesium from your water.


Our Alkaline pack maintains the calcium content and increases magnesium.


Activated carbon from coconut shell adsorbs common UK tap water nasties like lead, chlorine & pesticides.


Our alkaline pack is tested to European standard EN17093. After removing chlorine and taste altering contaminants you can enjoy fresh tasting water.

our customers who love the alkaline pack


Have to admit to being a bit cynical. Got the alkaline pack as I suffer from Acid Reflux. I now don't need the reflux medication, and overall find myself recovering quicker from heavy gym sessions.

K Parker

Fantastic product! Arrived promptly, well packaged and with lear instrcutions. The app is really helpful and the water tastes delicious. I went for the alkaline option and it has really helped with my reflux issues.


I've been using Phox water jug and alkaline refills for a couple of years now. I love that I drink more water from the jug and have done away with bottled water. The alkaline filtration is good for my stomach. The just looks nice in my kitchen too!


Love my phox filter. The weight of throwing filters in the bin each month got too much, I was so pleased to come across the compatible cartridge. I went with the Alkaline pack and the water tastes fantastic. Really really pleased. Highly recommend!

Sophia Lee

I cannot be without my alkaline water from Phox water and delivery was fast and price are excellent!

Vivi-lena Hansen

The Clean Pack

The Clean Pack makes clean fresh water. Removes Lead, Copper, Chlorine, bad taste and smell. It also reduces Limescale. Not recommended for babies under 6 months.

Cleaner, softer water


Certified to remove bad taste and smell from tap water.


No more limescale build up on appliances.


Activated carbon from coconut shell removes common US tap water nasties.


Certified to remove of Lead, Chlorine, Copper, Nickel, bad taste and smell.

Clean pack enthusiasts


Delighted with the Phox compatible cartridge - great-tasting water, high quality filtration, and no more Brita Maxtra plastic to throw away! I went for the Clean cartridge to trial the product in my existing Brita jug, and will definitely be switching to the full-on Phox jug later on.

Jenny Glover

I got the clean pack water tastes fresh and nice all the chemical smell and tastes removed. I live in a very hard water area so I recommend this over the Alkaline tried that too but made my water taste very acidic

A Salisbury

It was so easy to set up, I bought the 'Clean' pack and you really can taste a difference in the water.


I’m so glad I discovered Phox water filters! I have the clean filter for my hot water kettle and the alkaline filter for my drinking water pitcher in the fridge. Now I can feel even better about reducing the single use plastic I hate so much!


I love this product both the water filter and the brita substitute cartridge I now have two pitchers one with the clean pack and one for after exercise using the alkaline pack. Well done for reducing plastic waste and the taste is amazing


How it works


Three bespoke formulas, built for the water in your area.


Replace the refill granules only, not the plastic cartridge.


Receive refills through your letterbox on time, every time.