What's The Cheapest Way to Buy Bottled Water in Bulk?

by Paul McTaggart

Aren't you tired of lugging huge crates of bottled water in from the car after your weekly shop?

Then having to find somewhere to stack them, not to mention disposing of the waste after their short-lived use.

I'm going to show you how you can have all the convenience of buying bottled water in bulk without the cost and the heavy lifting.

In 2016, almost 30% of people in the UK admitted to using bottled water at home.

Bottled Water Bulk

While the unprecedented growth in bottled water consumption over the past decade or so may be positive from a public health perspective, it is not without downsides.

Cost Per Litre

Let's look at how much buying bottled water in bulk can cost.

The go-to platform for consumer goods these days, Amazon, sells 24x500ml bottles of Strathmore for £11.50. That works out at roughly 48p per bottle.

This may be relatively cheap when compared with the price of an individual 500ml bottle in your nearest convenience store, where bottles are generally priced around 80p+ these days.

However, the cost per litre from Amazon for 500ml bottles is still a whopping 96p!

More Cost Comparisons

Let's say you prefer 2L bottles because you don't want to carry around multiple 500ml bottles.

At Aldi, for example, 4x2L bottles will cost you 99p.

This works out at just over 12p per litre.

Even if you're miles ahead of the game and are buying your bottled water from a wholesaler or cash & carry, you're likely to be paying around £3.79 for 24x500ml cases.

Cost per litre - 8p.

Environmental Cost Per Bottle

Before we show you the cheapest way of buying bottled water in bulk, it's time to highlight the most important cost of single-use plastic bottled water - the cost to the earth.

Bottled water is damaging to the environment. Single-use plastics have been the subject of intense media scrutiny in recent months - with everything from Sky's Ocean Rescue campaign to the BBC's Blue Planet.

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The UK Government found in 2017, that 5.5 billion plastic bottles end up in landfill, litter or incineration.

Plastic bottles make up one-third of all plastic pollution in the ocean and by 2050 plastic is on course to outweigh fish in the oceans.

Ocean - Bottled Water Bulk

The amount of oil used in the production of a plastic bottle is equivalent to one-quarter of the bottle. Therefore, if you use just one 1L bottle of water, it took 250ml of oil just to get it into your hand.

The Cheapest Way to Buy Bottled Water in Bulk...

What if you could get great-tasting mineral water for just 2.5p per litre without the need for single-use plastic bottles?

The Phox refillable water filter gives you mineralised, antioxidant water straight from your tap while removing the unpleasant contaminants and odours that make your tap supply so unpalatable.

A cartridge filters 350L or 60 days of drinking, for £8.99. This means that after the initial purchase of the jug - probably the equivalent of one month's bottled water spend (depending on where you're buying it) - this is just 2.5p per litre.

And with a Phox Go stainless steel, vacuum-sealed bottle you'll be able to keep your water at the desired temperature on-the-go.

Wouldn't you feel much better if your family was hydrated on water which was not only cleaner in taste but also cleaner for the earth too?

Refillable Water Filter