How much water should you be drinking?

by Paul McTaggart

We are currently in the midst of an explosion of the drinking water market. Fuelled by the growth of the health & fitness industry and the expansion of bottled water culture, there is masses of information out there about how much water we should be drinking per day. However, as is often the case when there is such a depth of information, there is also a substantial amount of conflicting information.

One of the most common suggestions is the famous '8 glasses a day' theory. The NHS, despite not officially advising a guideline in relation to water consumption per se, still state that you should consume 6-8 glasses of 'fluids' per day. The European Food Safety Authority advises that adequate intake (AI) of water per day is 2.0L for females and 2.5L for males.

You may often hear people of older generations question why such a fuss is made about the need to drink a certain amount of water. However, with the scope of information now available, the health benefits of adequate hydration are well established. To say that everyone should be consuming an adequate intake of water is not to say that they won't survive without it. However, it is clear that good levels of hydration has a wide range of benefits including; increased energy, relieves fatigue, improves digestion, flushes out toxins and improves brain function.

Just as important as the amount water you drink is the quality of the water you drink. Many people have taken on board the information surrounding water consumption, hence the aforementioned growth in the industry. Bottled water companies have capitalised most upon this because the quality of many peoples' tap water is not good enough, and so they reach for a bottle. Despite the perceived faith in the standard of bottled water, we have seen with Aquafina that bottled water is sometimes not all it appears to be.

With a Phox Alkaline Water Filter you have the ability to harness adequate water quality straight from your tap without the financial cost involved with plastic bottled water. The Phox Water five-stage filtering process removes tap water's unwanted contaminants (like chlorine) while also eradicating that horrible tap water odour. It also increases the pH level of the water enhancing the acidic balance in your body.