Each filter refill is designed to last 200 litres (44 gallons) or 45 days, whichever comes first.

1 x Refill Bag = 45 days

3 Months
2 x 45 day/200L refill packs

12 Months
8 x 45 day/200L refill packs

Hard Water

Some areas have high levels of calcium and magnesium in the water due to the bedrock in the area being made up of limestone and chalk, this makes the water 'hard'.

Soft Water

Soft water doesn't stick to kettles and kitchen fixtures as it contains less minerals.

The Clean Pack is designed for hard water.
Enjoy softer water and less limescale build-up on appliances. Removes common UK tap water contaminants.

To find out who your water supplier is, you can check your hardness level on your local supplier's website.

The Alkaline Pack

Enjoy the benefits of magnesium enriched hydration. Our Alkaline pack maintains the calcium content, increases magnesium and pH. Removes common UK tap water contaminants.Both packs remove the same nasties; chlorine, odours, & heavy metals.

The Alkaline Pack is more suited for customers who want to increase the calcium and magnesium mineral content (hardness).

The Softener Pack

is designed for 'very' hard water. Enjoy softer water and less limescale build-up on appliances.o find out who your water supplier is

A full run of the reservoir generally takes 4-6 minutes. This is optimal contact time with the filter media to produce clean tasting water. 

If your filter is flowing too quickly, make sure the blue grid which holds the carbon felt in place is pressed firmly down against the felt. This should ensure optimal flow rate. 

If your flow from your filter is taking much longer than this, please refer to the 'My Filter is Blocked' in the tips & troubleshooting below.

Each 45 day pack is built to last 45 days or 200L, whichever comes first.
Use our app to keep note of when to replace the granules.

Activated carbon from coconut shell adsorbs common UK tap water nasties like lead, copper and chlorine.
Found in: Alkaline pack, Clean pack, Softner pack.

Built to soften water. Reduces hardness & limescale.
Found in: Clean pack, Softner pack.

Most branded water filters remove healthy minerals like calcium and magnesium from your water.
Our Alkaline Pack maintains the calcium content and increases magnesium.
Found in: Alkaline pack

Fluoride is very hard to remove from water and usually takes a large scale ceramic filter to do the job fully or a reverse osmosis system. Public Health England states that around 10% of people in England live in areas where fluoride is added, so it's best to check on your water supplier's website to see if you're affected. We can't guarantee that our filter removes fluoride.

When going on holiday the best thing to do is to keep the filter immersed in water, remove it and place it in the jug filled with fresh water. This stops the granules from drying out.

The end TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) level will vary depending on the source levels in your tap water. The important thing to remember about TDS is that minerals are the main contributor to TDS.

All of our packs will leave a healthy mineral content in the water because this is best for hydration.

None of our filter packs are designed to reduce TDS to anywhere near zero. A zero TDS means zero mineral content in the water.

Are you wondering if our Compatible cartridge will fit your kettle or water filter jug? 

This product is designed to be compatible with any product that takes Maxtra/Maxtra+ cartridges. We recommend double checking your product and existing filter cartridge before ordering and ensuring that it takes Maxtra or Maxtra+ cartridges. 


If the flow from your cartridge has slowed down, this can be easily rectified by the following steps

1. Remove the cartridge from the reservoir 

2. Run the grid on the bottom of the cartridge under a running tap, to dislodge any particles blocking the exit holes. 

3. Twist the cartridge back into the reservoir 

4. Perform a couple of run throughs to check the water is flowing properly. 

If you need any more help, please get in touch at service@phoxwater.com

The used filter media does have to go in general waste, as it’s not recyclable or compostable.
The majority of the media contents are derived from natural sources, such as the coconut-shell activated carbon.

Our boxes are recyclable.

Our bags which hold the filter granules are compostable and made of paper/PLA. 

The glass body of the product and plastic parts are dishwasher safe. Do not place the non slip base of the jug in the dishwasher. Do not place the rubber gaskets on top of the glass jar or the cartridge in the dishwasher.

The Wave and the Compatible are fully dishwasher safe under 60°C.

We recommend cleaning the jug twice per week. As the filtered water does not have chlorine in it, bacteria can grow faster. Clean all parts with soapy water, except the filter cartridge.

Never let soap get into the filter when it is still in use, always unscrew it and place it to the side when washing the jug.

When refilling the cartridge, empty the filter contents and wash the cartridge thoroughly with warm soapy water.

When using your Compatible Maxtra+ cartridge it's important to make sure that all 6 teeth around the top of the cartridge are showing above the lid. These teeth work to hold the lid securely in place and if they are not all showing, the pressure of water in the reservoir could force the lid off. 

When filling your cartridge its important to clean the rim of the cartridge before placing the felt tray and lid. See a video setup guide here.

If you are having an issue where all teeth are showing and the lid won't stay on, it could be that one of the teeth is damaged. In this case, please contact us on service@phoxwater.com and someone from the team will be on hand to arrange a replacement.