Discover the Science Behind Antioxidant Water

by Paul McTaggart

In the age of detoxing and antioxidants, it can be like a badge of honour for a food or liquid to justifiably claim these qualities. Green tea, blueberries and dark chocolate are only a few of the products that have becoming increasingly popular with the millennials seeking those new revitalising dietary habits, due to their rich antioxidant properties. It may come as a surprise then, that water alone can have it's very own antioxidant properties. This is measured by Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) and can be altered by certain filtration processes.

What is ORP?

ORP is 'stored' potential energy that is expressed in terms of electrical millivolts when measured in water. By measuring the slight voltage present in the liquid with an ORP meter, you can find out whether the water has more oxidising or reducing agents. An 'oxidising' agent is something that steals electrons from the surface which is oxidised. On the other hand, a 'reducing' agent is something that inhibits or slows down the process of oxidation. This is done by 'donating' an electron, therefore a reducing agent is essentially an antioxidant as it simply reduces oxidation.

ORP and pH Level

The relationship between ORP and pH level is straight forward - water with a higher pH level has more 'reducing' agents and water with a lower pH level has more 'oxidising' agents. The ORP range goes from -2,000-+2,000 millivolts (mV). Therefore, higher pH level water is likely to be around the low (-) range and low pH water is low (+) range.

Alkaline Water Filter Antioxidant Water

Tap water is generally between the range of +200mV-600mV. This can be improved by raising the pH level of your drinking water through alkaline filtration processes. The ORP level of source water from your tap will vary though, because of the different levels of minerals, contaminants and pH of the water in each supply area.

Antioxidant Water

Mineral-rich antioxidant water has a range of taste and health benefits which make it a much better option than standard water, and even many forms of bottled water. The best option for ensuring drinking water quality and avoiding consumption of single-use plastic bottles is to use an alkaline water filter which can reduce the ORP level of your water - while providing all the other accompanying benefits - giving it a new anti-oxidative twist.

Take the one simple step to adding antioxidants to your drinking water water today!