Phox V2 100% Funded in 34 Hours!

by Paul McTaggart

On Monday we pushed the button to launch our Kickstarter campaign for the new V2 Phox jug and in just 34 hours we have reached our funding goal of £15,000!

We have to be honest and say that launching a new product on Kickstarter can be pretty daunting. We've put in so much work over the last 18 months and it was vital for us to get off to a great start. If only we knew last week how much support people would have for us we wouldn't have been so nervous!

Reaching this goal so early gets the product on its way to having the huge impact we hoped for in the design process. Our backers will have a more beautiful, and most importantly, a more sustainable way to drink.

If you're not already aware of our wonderful new product, it contains a revolutionary refillable cartridge, recycled plastic and glass, letterbox delivery and a choice of filter refills to suit your tap water.

You can check out the campaign here and please back us if you haven't already.

Refillable Filter

It's so satisfying to have a vision, turn it into a product and see other people enjoying it and believing in the impact it can have. We are super happy to have you all on the mission to reduce single-use plastic with us. Thank you all so much!

This is just the beginning.