Phox V2's Awesome Media Coverage

by Paul McTaggart

Since we launched our crowdfunding campaign for the Phox V2 back in March, we've had some incredible media coverage from around the world.

Below we've put together a summary of all the outlets which have covered the launch of The World's Most Sustainable Water Filter.


First up on launch day was the eco-giant Treehugger, this was a huge in terms of reach for us in the early stages of the campaign.

Eco-Friendly Water Filter

Treehugger is one of the leading sustainability blogs in the world, covering a range of topics from green design, technology and transportation.

"The more reusable, refillable solutions we have in our lives – and the broader the rejection of disposables – the better off we'll all be."


Trendhunter is the largest online trend-spotting platform on the globe. Covering innovation in all industries from fashion and tech to culture and design. This was real validation for the concept of the V2.

Trendhunter Eco-Friendly Water Filter

Mental Floss

Mental Floss is an online magazine which shares a range of interesting stories, ideas products with a humorous spin. They have a huge audience across all social media platforms; with 2.5 million Facebook followers, almost 700,000 Twitter followers and an Instagram audience of 150,000.

Eco-Friendly Water Filter Mental Floss


In keeping with the viral video content, the Phox V2 was recently covered by the video content kings NowThis. The awesome video below was shared on NowThis Future and NowThis News Instagram accounts to more than 2 million followers!

Now This News

The Scotsman

One of the many unique features of the Phox V2 is that it is manufactured right here in Scotland. After we surpassed the funding goal on Kickstarter inside the first 34 hours, we were able to participate in an interview with The Scotsman.

You can read that article by clicking the image below 👇🏻

Eco Friendly Water Filter