Phox Water v. Brita

by Paul McTaggart

With the V2, there's now even more that distinguishes Phox from Brita and other traditional filters.

Phox is Refillable

The big difference now is that Phox has a refillable filter cartridge. This takes away the responsibility from you the customer to have to recycle your used cartridge every 30 days. Reusability guarantees a reduction of single-use plastic is going to landfill and circumvents C02 emissions of the entire recycling process.

Choice of Refills

Phox is saying goodbye to the 'one size fits all' approach to water filtration. With the V2 you can choose the formula that suits your needs best. The Clean Pack will remove chlorine, odours and heavy metals while softening hard water. Whereas The Alkaline Pack will remove chlorine, odours and heavy metals while adding minerals, electrolytes and raising the pH level.

Phox v Brita

Never Miss A Delivery

Letterbox-friendly refill packs mean you'll never have to be at home for a new filter being delivered again... or have to worry about it being left in an unsafe place by a courier!

Join the refillable revolution here.