Phox Launch Refillable Brita-Compatible Cartridge

by Barney Lloyd-Wood

It may look like back to basics, but there's a real buzz in the Phox Water office as we launch our new Compatible cartridge. Refillable, sustainable and compatible with your existing Maxtra and Maxtra + Brita Jug. That's not the only reason why we love it so much...

At Phox, we love what we do because it centres around our mission. But we know habits can be tough to break. It's something a lot of us will re-discover next month as we battle our new year's resolutions, more often than not, it's a gradual process.

Brita-Compatible Cartridge

With that in mind, as we continue to grow, we've always been very conscious that sustainable solutions need to be convenient for people out there, whilst still accelerating our progress towards reducing single use plastic.

Which leads us nicely onto the Compatible...

This little thing has caused a big buzz in the office. It's something that's been in the pipeline for a little over a year now; our aim was to keep to our modus operandi of reducing single use plastic, but in a way that gives people the option to still do the same if they're not quite ready to replace their existing Brita jug.

With over 100 million filter cartridges going off to landfill every year, we're always thinking creatively about how to bring this number down. Instead of the usual 12 cartridges per year, we've brought out one that fits your existing Maxtra or Maxtra+, for life.

We've designed this to be refillable too. Simply pour in new filter granules every 45 days, which in a more subtle way fulfils another sustainable method. A standard filter cartridge doesn't fit through most letter boxes; our hope is that now even those who are loyal to their Maxtra and Maxtra+ jugs can fill their cartridge with filter granules instead of sending it to landfill.

We've said it before and we'll say it again; no missed deliveries, no second visit from the postman, no awkward trip to the neighbour's house. Sometimes, the simplest answer is also the best one.

You may have seen our Instagram page over the weekend. Lots of boxes, lots of packing. It's the kind of content we want to keep bringing to you. We love the work we do and we want you out there to feel connected to every bit of it. From production in the warehouse, to it arriving at your door (even the Saturday alarm, which was a bit of a shock to the system).

Brita-Compatible Cartridge