Recycle v Reuse: Which is Best?

by Paul McTaggart

Why would you need a refillable water filter cartridge when some traditional filter suppliers have recycling schemes in place anyway?

That might seem like a good question on the face of things, but dig a little deeper and you'll see why a refillable cartridge is not only a no-brainer for you but also a no-brainer for the planet.

Carbon Footprint of the Recycling Journey

Let's think about all the steps a used water filter cartridge has to go through on its recycling journey.

Meet Joanne. Joanne has a Brutal water filter. It has come to the end of its 30-day cycle and she has to take it for recycling.

The nearest store which has a recycling point is 5 miles away. Once the cartridges have been dropped off at the store, they have to be collected and transported to the recycling plant.

Refillable Cartridge

After all that, it's time to start another 30-day cycle with a new cartridge made from virgin plastic. By the end of production, each cartridge will have been responsible for unwanted carbon emission and adverse effects on the environment.

The Most Sustainable Water Filter Ever Made

Eco Friendly Water Filter

With a Phox V2's refillable cartridge there is no such need for any of these steps. All you have to do is empty out the old media and refill it with the fresh filter contents.

That means no inefficient and inconvenient trips to the store and no need for anyone to collect used filters and transport them to be recycled.

And when it comes to refills, our packs can be posted through your letterbox meaning no missed deliveries which result in avoidable retries or trips to the post office.

When we think about having a truly sustainable future, recyclability has to be overtaken by reusability. Recyclability is important, of course, but isn't it a damn sight better if we don't need to recycle at all?

With recyclable products, users are only given the choice to recycle. Do they have the motivation to recycle? Is it convenient for them? Will they remember? Will the materials still be in recyclable condition by the time they reach the recycling plant? With reusable products, there are no questions.

Products that can be reused also circumvent all of those carbon emissions from the recycling journey and in the case of something like water filters, reduce the constant production of replacements made with virgin plastic.

Those products are not only a no-brainer for you but a no-brainer for the planet too.

Reusable Water Filter