The World's Best Refillable Water Filter

by Paul McTaggart

Have you ever thought about why your water filter isn't refillable?

Think about it. You have a plastic cartridge which holds the media and it has a 'lid', but at the end of each cycle you throw it away, or send it back for recycling.

At Phox, we've taken that thought process and used it to design the best refillable water filter on the planet.

The Refill Revolution

Refillable is the new recyclable. Such is the extent of the global plastic crisis, that recycling alone is no longer enough. The transition is well underway with refillable beauty, domestic and personal care product launches doublingbetween 2016-2019.

A GlobalData study found that 44.1% of 16-24 year olds surveyed had used food refill stations in the 12 months prior to July 2020. The future is refillable and this approach is charging down the environmental negligence of the single-use economy.;

Your New Water Filter

The world of water filtration hasn't really changed much for decades. Generally speaking, chunky plastic cartridges are shipped to millions of people every 30 days and at the end of each person's cycle it is hoped they will return it for recycling.

The Phox V2 eliminates having to hope that everyone recycles and instead, guarantees that everyone reuses. This is the beauty of refillable products, by simply using the product needless waste is avoided.

Here are 5 reasons why the Phox V2 is the world's best refillable water filter:

1. Letterbox Refills Means Less Unwanted Carbon Emissions

With no big plastic cartridge to ship out with each passing cycle, this means we can ship your refill media in a small letterbox sized package. No need to worry about missing deliveries or having to visit your neighbour to collect your parcel.

A lot of unnecessary green house gases associated with courier delivery comes from second deliveries. With letterbox delivery you - nor the planet - have to worry about that dreaded second delivery attempt.

This is a huge contributor to helping the Phox V2 emit less harmful gases than traditional water filters.

A no brainer for you and the planet.

Refillable Water Filter

2. Your Water, Your Choice

Another theme with traditional water filters is the 'one size fits all' approach. One formula for all customers regardless of what their source water is like.

With a Phox V2 you have a choice of filter refills; the Clean Pack or the Alkaline Pack.

The Clean Pack is designed to soften hard water. This formula swaps calcium and magnesium for sodium to reduce limescale, while removing chlorine, heavy metals and odours. This is best for people who want to make a lot of hot drinks in their kettle.

The Alkaline Pack on the other hand removes all the same contaminants as the Clean Pack but also adds minerals and electrolytes to the water while raising the pH level a little. This is best for active individuals who take hydration seriously and use the filter primarily for drinking water rather than to reduce the strain on their kettles.

3. Recyclable Packaging

There is no single-use element used in the packaging of any Phox V2 product. All of our product boxes, refill packs and refill sachets are either recyclable or compostable.

No bubble-wrap and no plastic wrapping that you're sure to find around most traditional filter jugs after delivery. Just recycled cardboard designed to keep your product safe on its journey to you.

4. Local Manufacturing

If you're environmentally conscious you know all about the benefits of buying locally in terms of CO2 and reducing your carbon footprint. This is such a big part of why we manufacture our products within 30 miles of our HQ in Glasgow.

It can be difficult to keep carbon footprint low when manufacturing and making products overseas can often be more appealing due to cheaper costs. However, being environmentally conscious means weighing up the cost to the planet as well as the financial cost.

5. Filtered Water Stored in Glass

Another common feature in traditional filter jugs is that the entire jug is made of plastic. You know how water just tastes so much nicer from glass rather than plastic? If not, you're sure to find out with the Phox V2.

The main body which holds the filtered water in our jug is made of glass. This also lessens our virgin plastic footprint when making new units too. The big benefit with glass is that because it's made of natural materials there isn't any danger of inorganic chemicals leaching into the water if it's exposed to heat or coldness.

Glass is also unlikely to hold any flavour. It's common for water stored in plastic over a period of time to release an odour when the lid is removed but this is much less likely with glass.

With the Phox V2 you can enjoy crisp, clean water fresh from a glass container.

Join the refill revolution below!

Refillable Water Filter