The Best Way to Recycle Water Filters

by Paul McTaggart

At Phox, we've spent a great deal of time thinking about the best way to recycle water filters.

While water filters are an excellent alternative to bottled water - and not nearly as wasteful - traditional filters still have a disposable element to them. At the end of each filter cycle, customers are faced with the responsibility of trying to recycle their used cartridges.

This may seem like a relatively straight forward responsibility and many users of water filters might well be motivated enough to follow the recycling steps, but why should that responsibility rest on their shoulders?

The Cost of Recycling Water Filters

The harsh truth is that recycling water filters comes with an environmental cost of its own. Traditional recycling schemes usually involve a drop-off your supermarket containing a recycling point or in some cases saving up a batch to be posted to a recycling plant.

Once the goods have delivered from the customer all the way back to recycling plant, the process can then begin. The real waste here is in the energy output involved in transporting and then actually recycling the products. Now don't get us wrong, recycling is an excellent when option compared with landfill and general waste.

Recycle Water Filters

Circumventing Unnecessary Emission of Unwanted Gases

If only there was a way to reuse your water filter cartridge without having to recycle. That's where the Phox V2 comes in! We spent almost 2 years researching, developing and designing a truly sustainable alternative to traditional filters. Our product features a unique refillable filter cartridge that never needs changed - only refilled!

This side-steps the amount of unwanted gases and energy output involved with recycling and takes the onus away from you, the customer. We know that many people will do their best to recycle what they can, however not everyone will recycle. With a refillable cartridge no one can send plastic to landfill. The best way to recycle your water filter is to refill it with the Phox V2.

Having a refillable water filter comes with a whole other range of benefits too. Our refill packs come in small letterbox friendly packages, so you'll never miss another delivery. All of our packaging is compostable, or recyclable and the product is manufactured within 30 miles of our HQ in Glasgow.

Compared with traditional water filters, your carbon footprint could be significantly less with a Phox refillable filter.

Refilling is the new Recycling

There you have it, the best way to recycle your water filter is to reuse it.

You can join the refill revolution and find out more about the World's Most Sustainable Water Filter here.

Recycle Water Filters