The Financial Cost of Bottled Water

by Paul McTaggart

The bottled water industry is worth more than £2bn per year in the UK. Due to the explosion of the market over the past ten years there are now a plethora of water brands available to consumers. In the midst of this growth it can be easily forgotten that for most of us in this part of the world, clean water comes through taps within our homes.

Thames Water estimates that 2 litres of tap water costs 0.2p and on average 2L of branded bottled water costs around 84p. Based on these figures bottled water costs 420x more than tap water. Apply the same multiplier to something like beer and a pint would cost around £1,350!

There are masses of content on the price of bottled water compared with tap water but people have an understandable dislike for tap water. Even in places where the water quality is considered very good tap water still omits a horrible odour and has unwanted contaminants present giving the water a hardness.

Our V2 filter with alkaline refill pack features a five-stage filtration process to remove those odours and contaminants while enhancing the quality of the water. A Phox alkaline water pitcher filters at least 350 litres of water. Based on Thames Water's figures that 2L of branded water is 84p (in many cases 1L bottles can now cost around this), you could save £112 per filter. In the case where 1L is around 85p, one Phox alkaline water filter could save you up to £263! In fact, if you were to buy bottled water from a cash and carry by the pallet the cheapest you are likely to get it at is around 15p per 330ml bottle. This is about 45p per litre. If you were to buy a Phox filter, the first 350L would cost you 10p per litre and every 350L you get from a replacement filter would be just 2.5p. Not only is this option financially beneficial, in many cases, bottled water does not have as good a pH level as you receive from a Phox filter nor does it include the same level of mineralisation.

Using our product can therefore, not only save you money in replacement of bottled water but also gives you a better quality of drinking water while reducing the needless waste that is incurred with single-use plastic bottles. You can access the clean, refreshing alkaline water that your body craves here.