The Phox Water Mission

by Paul McTaggart

Now that our first product is live, we can now begin the real work toward our broader mission. As we've discussed at length throughout our blog posts, the bottled water market is at an all-time high and has tripled over the last decade. We are still very much going through it's peak right now - it is about to outstrip sales of soda in the United States - but this growth is not without it's consequences.

As with sudden growth in any industry, the ramifications take some time to establish. We believe the consequences of the current levels of consumption of bottled water are still massively underestimated, if they are even known at all. We know that environmentally there are a number of stark inefficiencies in bottled water. However, financially, it is becoming the norm for households and offices to buy crates of bottled water each week when we know that it can be 420x more expensive than tap water!

Looking ahead, we want Phox Water to become the primary alternative to bottled water. Having surpassed our 2019 vision of preventing the use of 1,000,000 plastic bottles through our filter, which would save 1,572 barrels of oil, we want to expand our product range to solve all drinking water needs. That means a filter pitcher in every kitchen, and a reusable, sustainable bottle in every handbag, schoolbag and work bag. Harnessing the ability of the water infrastructure which already exists at the touch of our taps. We want to give people the convenience of fresh, clean, nutrient-rich alkaline water straight from their taps at home without the cost or inconvenience of having to buys lots of bottled water.