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I love the fact I can still use my Brita jug. This is a fantastic solution which will save a lot of plastic going to landfill.

Ffion S

Easy to set up, great tasting water, really helpful in keeping my water intake up

Ben R

We really like the Phox filter and haven’t used Brita filters for a couple of years due to the amount of plastic waste. I’ll be recommending to friends and family

James R

This is the best tasting by far and I love how my cuppa tastes . Wouldn’t be without it now 😃

Dzien D

Great tasting water! Could immediately taste the difference in our water. Even my cat has started drinking from his water bowl.

Ponam L

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Compatible with

Suitable for jugs, kettles or dispensers that accept Brita Maxtra or Maxtra+ cartridges.

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