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an alkaline filter can help you with


That burning sensation in your chest is caused by stomach acid flowing into your oesophagus.

Alkaline water has proven an effective remedy for this common occurrence.


One of the most scientifically concrete benefits of an alkaline water filter is its ability to enhance the body’s hydrogen ion buffering capacity during high intensity exercise.


An alkaline filters adds minerals to drinking water. This is where an alkaline water filter differs with other forms of water purification, such as distilled water. Distilled water aims to remove all impurities and Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) from tap water

What our customers have to say


Love my Phox filter.I went with the Alkaline pack and the water tastes fantastic. Really really pleased. Highly recommend!

Sophia Lee

I've bought the filters with 3 months supplies, I chose the Alkaline pack. It's already been a month since I received it and I think that it works perfectly as an alternative to the original filters. The water tastes even better so I am very satisfied.

Maria Sole Leonardi

Fantastic product! I went for the Alkaline option and it has really helped with my reflux issues.


I've been using Phox water jug and Alkaline refills for a couple of years now. I love that I drink more water from the jug and have done away with bottled water. The Alkaline filtration is good for my stomach.


Have to admit to being a bit cynical. Got the Alkaline pack as I suffer from Acid Reflux. I now don't need the reflux medication, and overall find myself recovering quicker from heavy gym sessions. Thoroughly recommend.

K Parker

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