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Discover filtered water with added Magnesium.

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Heart Health

Magnesium enriched water was linked to 25% less cardiovascular disease.¹

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Mental Health

Magnesium can reduce anxiety and symptoms of depression.²

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Boosts Energy

Magnesium supports energy production in our cells.³

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Exercise Recovery

Magnesium has been proven to help speed up muscle recovery in cyclists.⁴

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Magnesium enriched water is recommended by top health experts.


"There is a growing consensus among epidemiologists... that new guidance should be issued in terms of how these different sources of tap water should enhance, not deplete the amount of magnesium and calcium in the water."

Professor of Neurobiology, Stanford University.

Water with superpowers

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Most branded water filters remove healthy minerals like calcium and magnesium from your water.


Our Alkaline Pack maintains the calcium content and increases magnesium.


Activated carbon from coconut shell adsorbs common UK tap water nasties like lead, copper and chlorine.


Our Alkaline Pack is tested to European standard EN17093. After removing chlorine and taste altering contaminants you can enjoy fresh tasting water.

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"Since using my phox water jug I have been able to drink lots more water, it tastes so nice. I suffer from regular cramp so use the filter refill that contains electrolytes, since changing to these I have had hardly any cramp, I am delighted with this extra health benefit."


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"A truly wonderful product. Changed the way I drink water. Used to be a great squash drinker, now nothing but water. A miracle as I never used to like water on it's own. I love it now, I drink the Alkaline and true to it's claims, no more Acid Reflux."

Jackie Hanrahan

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"The foundation of good health starts with clean water. I always filtered mine as there's too much chlorine added but i also, always felt bad about the amount of plastic waste in regular water filters. No more. And its made in Scotland. It's a Win, Win, Win. I love it."


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"We use the alkaline which helps my mum with her muscle condition, she can't be without it."

D from London

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Results will vary, depending on the water system, water flow and water chemistry in each household

Full scienctific papers on the facts referenced above;

¹The highest exposure category (people consuming drinking water with Mg content of 8.3–19.4 mg/l) was significantly associated with a decreased likelihood of cardiovascular mortality by 25% compared with people consuming water with Mg content of 2.5–8.2 mg/l 


²Magnesium links to depression and mental health-  


³Magnesium and energy- https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/magnesium-benefits#essential

⁴Impact of Magnesium in Muscle Damage of Professional Cyclists

Full un-abbreviated Andrew Hubberman quote "There is a growing consensus among epidemiologists and epidemiological evidence along with clinical and nutritional evidence that is strong enough to suggest that new guidance should be issued in terms of how these different sources of tap water should enhance not deplete the amount of magnesium and calcium in the water."