5 Things You Didn't Know About Your Phox Refillable Water Filter

by Paul McTaggart

It sounds crazy, but have you ever used a product a thousand times and then discovered something new that you didn't already know about it? You may stumble across it or have it pointed out to you by a friend who has the same product, but we often enter autopilot mode when interacting with our everyday essentials.

That's why this week on the blog we're putting a different spin on things by giving you some new information and tips about your Phox refillable water filter. As your filter becomes an integral part of your daily drinking routine curiosity may have sparked some queries about how certain parts of the jug work, the extent and longevity of improvements to the water and how to resolve any little issues that occur during use.

Here's are a list of 5 things you probably don't know about your Phox Water filter:

The Alkaline Pack will add Magnesium to your water

Most water filters are built to remove minerals from tap water (hardness). Our Clean and Softener packs are designed for that very purpose. Our Alkaline pack however does not reduce minerals, it adds Magnesium during the filter process. Growing evidence shows that although water hardness and associated limescale can be a pain, it may be the healthiest water to drink. Dr Andrew Hubberman Professor of Neurobiology at Stanford University said, "There is a growing consensus among epidemiologists and epidemiological evidence that new guidance should be issued in terms of how these different sources of tap water should enhance, not deplete the amount of magnesium and calcium in the water."

The pH level will remain consistent overnight 🕰

Have you ever wondered what will happen to the pH level of your water if you filter it before bed and leave it until the morning? Well, the good news is it remains relatively stable! We conducted a test where the initial pH pre-filtration was 7.2, post-filtration the pH level was 8.2. After a period of 9.5 hours in the refrigerator, the pH level was 8.1. Meaning if you fill up your jug at night, there is almost no change in the pH. This is due to the increased Magnesium in the water which increases alkalinity (a measure of how much substance in the water can neutralise acidity)

Track Your Refills with Our Digital App 📆

Our Version 1 product contained a little plastic indicator to help you track when you had to change your filter. In keeping with our ethos of using less plastic with all future products we have replaced physical indicators with a mobile app which you can add to your home screen by following the instructions on this page: www.phoxwater.com/app

Never test water pH level with saliva and urine strips 🌡

Saliva and urine pH test strips are for saliva and urine believe it or not! When used to test the pH level of water, they will provide erroneous results. The most reliable and accurate method to test the pH level of water from your alkaline water filter is with an electronic pH meter, this will a pH reading to 2 decimal points. Meaning that you will know exactly how effective your filter is at enhancing the pH level.

Your jug needs washed on a weekly basis 🛁

This is probably the most simple tip but don't forget your Phox Water jug needs washed just like any other kitchen item. We know that it can be hard to remember to wash it regularly when the drinking water tastes so good, but it is important to keep it clean as small particles can gather in the bottom of the jug. To wash it properly, just remove the reservoir with the filter cartridge attached so that cartridge cannot get any soapy residue anywhere near it. Then proceed to clean the jug on its own with warm water and washing up liquid. Rinse it out and dry it before putting the reservoir back inside and continuing filtration. 😅

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