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The Global Bottled Water Market

As we have discussed in previous blog posts, the bottled water market has experienced exponential expansion over the past ten years or so. In 1970, per capita consumption of bottled water across the world was estimated at one gallon. Today, it is around 30 gallons. Development of the industry has grown at varying paces in different countries, however it is now extremely well established in all regions of the globe. Displayed in the table below is per capita consumption by leading countries. Mexico has regularly led the per capita consumption table at 59.2 per capita in 2009, growing to 69.8 gallons in 2014. This is one country where the market has been strongly developed for a while. However, if we...

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How much water should you be drinking?

We are currently in the midst of an explosion of the drinking water market. Fueled by the growth of the health & fitness industry and the expansion of bottled water culture, there is masses of information out there about how much water we should be drinking per day. However, as is often the case when there is such a depth of information, there is also a substantial amount of conflicting information. One of the most common suggestions is the famous '8 glasses a day' theory. The NHS, despite not officially advising a guideline in relation to water consumption per se, still state that you should consume 6-8 glasses of 'fluids' per day. The European Food Safety Authority advises that adequate...

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The Phox Water Mission

Now that our first product is live, we can now begin the real work toward our broader mission. As we've discussed at length throughout our blog posts, the bottled water market is at an all-time high and has tripled over the last decade. We are still very much going through it's peak right now - it is about to outstrip sales of soda in the United States - but this growth is not without it's consequences. As with sudden growth in any industry, the ramifications take some time to establish. We believe the consequences of the current levels of consumption of bottled water are still massively underestimated, if they are even known at all. We know that environmentally there are...

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Is your fitness program missing the most basic foundation?

With the explosion of the health & fitness industry over the last decade more people than ever before are regularly attending the gym. To varying degrees people push themselves towards their chosen goals; weight loss, muscle gain, endurance, general well being. However, amidst the growth of knowledge about nutrition and fitness, many people often neglect the most important foundation for exercising - adequate hydration. Research by the Gatorade Sports Science Institute found 40% of those going into group fitness classes were partially dehydrated. The Science In order to achieve optimum performance in any activity, mental or physical, adequate hydration is the key. Therefore, when exercising your body demands more fluids to perform effectively. It is estimated that everyday we lose...

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Chlorine in your tap water: Is it safe?

Of all the chemicals added to the water systems across the world, chlorine is probably the most common. It is the universal cleansing chemical used to kill bacteria and micro-organisms that can lead to illnesses and water-borne diseases. The introduction of chlorine was revolutionary to the water industry in the UK in the late 1800s. It allowed us to properly combat diseases such as cholera and legionella. Routine levels of chlorine used in mains water supplies are now around 0.5mg/l and the World Health Organisation (WHO) states that up to 5mg/l is acceptable. There is a lot of information around based on the varying effects consumption of chlorinated water can have on your body and while the levels that exist...

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