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The Best Way to Recycle Water Filters

At Phox, we've spent a great deal of time thinking about the best way to recycle water filters. While water filters are an excellent alternative to bottled water - and not nearly as wasteful - traditional filters still have a disposable element to them. At the end of each filter cycle, customers are faced with the responsibility of trying to recycle their used cartridges.  This may seem like a relatively straight forward responsibility and many users of water filters might well be motivated enough to follow the recycling steps, but why should that responsibility rest on their shoulders?   The Cost of Recycling Water Filters The harsh truth is that recycling water filters comes with an environmental cost of its own. Traditional...

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Phox Water v. Brita

With the V2, there's now even more that distinguishes Phox from Brita and other traditional filters.  Phox is Refillable The big difference now is that Phox has a refillable filter cartridge. This takes away the responsibility from you the customer to have to recycle your used cartridge every 30 days. Reusability guarantees no single-use plastic is going to landfill and circumvents the CO2 emissions of the entire recycling process. Choice of Refills  Phox is saying goodbye to the 'one size fits all' approach to water filtration. With the V2 you can choose the formula that suits your needs best. The Clean Pack will remove chlorine, odours and heavy metals while softening hard water. Whereas The Clean Alkaline Pack will remove...

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Where Can I Get The Blue Bottles from TRNSMT?

We had an awesome weekend hydrating the artists backstage at TRNSMT festival this past weekend! You probably seen some of our cool blue bottles on the stage if you were watching at home.  This was our second year working backstage at the festival and it was even more enjoyable than the first - which we didn't think was possible! The combination of our bottles and the hydration station was hugely appreciated by the bands and artists, which makes it all the more worthwhile.  It was also so refreshing to hear so many of the artists are supportive of the mission to fight single-use plastics. Plastic bottles also plague concerts, music festivals and tour buses and this is something a lot of...

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Phox V2's Awesome Media Coverage

Since we launched our crowdfunding campaign for the Phox V2 back in March, we've had some incredible media coverage from around the world. Below we've put together a summary of all the outlets which have covered the launch of The World's Most Eco-Friendly Water Filter.  Treehugger First up on launch day was the eco-giant Treehugger, this was a huge in terms of reach for us in the early stages of the campaign.  Treehugger is one of the leading sustainability blogs in the world, covering a range of topics from green design, technology and transportation.  "The more reusable, refillable solutions we have in our lives – and the broader the rejection of disposables – the better off we'll all be."  Trendhunter Trendhunter...

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Introducing the World’s Most Eco-Friendly Water Filter

  The World’s Most Eco-Friendly Water Filter sounds like a lofty title, because after all, aren’t all water filters eco-friendly?  Rewind the clock back a few years and hardly anyone was talking about the flaws of single-use plastic. Carrying a bottle of water seemed second only to carrying a mobile phone and there was almost no discussion of the damage being done to the planet by disposable plastic. Jump back to the present day and at long last we are now becoming acutely aware of that damage. Avoiding single-use plastic has gone from niche to necessary and all consumers are now faced with the moral duty to consider if they actually need disposable plastic products at all. Stainless-steel water bottles...

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