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What's The Cheapest Way to Buy Bottled Water in Bulk?

Aren't you tired of lugging huge crates of bottled water in from the car after your weekly shop?  Then having to find somewhere to stack them, not to mention disposing of the waste after their short-lived use.  I'm going to show you how you can have all the convenience of buying bottled water in bulk without the cost and the heavy lifting. In 2016, almost 30% of people in the UK admitted to using bottled water at home. While the unprecedented growth in bottled water consumption over the past decade or so may be positive from a public health perspective, it is not without downsides.  Cost Per Litre Let's look at how much buying bottled water in bulk can cost. The...

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21 Amazing Benefits of Filtered Water

If you think that your tap water can't be improved then this article isn't for you. In 2016, only 38% of participants said that 'tap water is good quality in terms of taste and smell' in the Consumer Council for Water's Attitudes to Tap Water Report. Despite the comparatively good standard of drinking water we have available it still has several impurities. In the case of tap water, odours, heavy metals and cleansing chemicals such as chlorine can remain present, causing unpleasant smells and tastes. In addition to these drawbacks, there can be adverse health affects associated regular consumption of water which inhabits these contaminants. We have also seen in various water crises that tap water is never 100% reliable. ...

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7 Secrets to Getting in Shape this Summer

What's the one thing that's harder than keeping up your tan during the summer?  It's getting that beach body that you long for, isn't it? Every New Year, gym memberships spike and we flock in our thousands to fitness classes and kickstart diets with the aim of attaining that ideal physique that you dream of.   We've put together a list of 7 simple steps to help you get there.  1. Replace Juice with Water  This is the easiest step of them all! And the perks are endless... First of all, it's summer - hydration is so important in spells of hot weather. Dehydration can cause a lot of subtle irritations in our day-to-day lives. Nothing can hydrate you as well water can...

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10 Easy Steps to Cutting Your Plastic Waste this Summer

12 million tonnes of plastic end up in the ocean every year and only 9% of all plastic ever produced has been recycled (Friendsoftheearth.uk).    Blue Planet II recently highlighted the terrible effect this is having on our oceans and the marine life which inhabits them. New statistics are also emerging all the time that underline the severity of the problem that plastic poses to the earth and the issue has been propelled into the mainstream media spotlight giving it much needed awareness.    Are you aware just how much plastic you use on a daily basis?  Plastic gets everywhere. Despite the damage current levels are doing to the environment, oceans and even food chains, global investment in plastic production is...

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5 Differences Between Alkaline Water & Reverse Osmosis

  There is often confusion around the differences between alkaline water and reverse osmosis. This may be due to the fact that people often associate alkaline water with ioniser machines, which is not always the case of course. Here we are talking about countertop alkaline water filters, which don't require any huge costs or electricity usage.  What is Reverse Osmosis (RO)?  Reverse Osmosis uses a semi-permable membrane system to remove ions, particles and molecules from water. This type of water filtration technology filters to a micron size of 0.0001.  This is done using hydraulic pressure to push the water through the system and separate the molecules, meaning that electricity is usually required to power this form of filtration.  5 Differences Between...

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