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10 Huge Companies Ditching Plastic Straws

In the UK we use 8.5 billion straws per year, that's the equivalent to every single person in the UK using a straw at least twice a week! The plastic crisis has gained some much needed traction over the past few months, thanks in large part to the exposure given to it by Blue Planet II on the BBC... and of course, our hard work here on the Phox blog! ūüėú When we haven't been telling you all about our alkaline water filter,¬†we've been sharing articles on the plastic crisis and helping you reduce your plastic use. Are We¬†Making Progress? The collective pressure brought about by the increase in awareness has already started to yield some tangible rewards towards dealing...

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NEW: UK Bottled Water Statistics

When was the last time you heard a fact about bottled water use? Have you recently searched for 'bottled water stats'? In the midst of the plastic crisis, bottled water has become the number one enemy. Something which is a simple part of our everyday lives being bottled into single use plastic and sold for between 500-1000 times more expensive than tap water is pretty outrageous after all.  Given the increased publicity bottled water has been receiving in recent years, it can be difficult to separate the woods from the trees in terms of statistics. Why? Because there is so many. There's facts about bottled water use, recycling rates, cost, chemicals inside the bottles, plastic bottle use as a whole, global stats,...

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World Water Day 2018: A Child Dies Every 2 Minutes Due to Dirty Water

Let's start with some questions - How far do you have to travel for drinking water? When you get there, is the water clean enough not to pose the risk of a life threatening illness?  Of course, if you're reading this then the answer to the first question is probably 'as far as the kitchen', and the second question is almost certainly yes. For 844 million people in the world, both of these things are an unattainable luxury rather than a right. They have to walk at least 30 minutes to access clean water or risk drinking from unimproved sources. You, like most of us, take clean drinking water so much for granted that we often forget to drink enough...

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10 Simple Hacks to Help You Drink More Water

What colour was your urine the last time you visited the bathroom? It seems like an invasive question to start the latest addition to the blog, but you should know that this a pretty standard indicator of hydration. Use the chart below as a reference, left being very hydrated of course and right being extremely dehydrated.  Drinking water has become more than fashionable over the last decade, yet that doesn't mean that everyone is finding it easier to drink enough and stay hydrated. The average person in the UK drinks 1.7L per day, some way short of the 2.5L minimum recommended for male adults and the 2.0L recommended for women.  It can be difficult to integrate drinking water as a...

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5 Reasons You Need a Phox Water Bottle

If you're already a Phox customer or even just a regular reader of the blog, you'll know that we are passionate about drinking clean - both for yourself and the planet. Now, with our countertop alkaline water filter we've been able to give you clean, refreshing, anti-oxidant water straight from your tap at home. While this has helped many of our customers ditch expensive and damaging bottled water, we are delighted to introduce our newest addition the Phox Water Bottle. This will help you take your drink clean game to the next level!  Here are 5 ways the features of our new Phox bottle can take your drinking water experience to the next level: Hydrate On-The-Go  The Phox water bottle...

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