What's the difference between the Clean Pack, the Softener Pack and the Alkaline Pack?

Updated September 14, 2023

Our refillable cartridge design gives you the unique opportunity to choose between different filtration formulas. At the moment, you have 3 choices; Clean Pack Softener Pack or Alkaline Pack.

Clean Pack

The Clean Pack is designed specifically for hard water. If you have problems with limescale in your kettle, this is because your tap water has high concentrations of calcium carbonate. The Clean Pack contains ion-exchange beads which remove calcium by replacing it with sodium. This makes the water softer and removes the limescale which creates the horrible film in your appliances.

Enter your postcode to find out who your water supplier is and check your hardness level on your local supplier's website.

If you have hard water and drink a lot of tea and coffee, we would recommend that you choose the Clean Pack.

It's also important to note that the Clean Pack will not reduce the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) of your water to close to 0. Included in TDS are minerals like sodium. Sodium will still contribute to the TDS count. Sodium is added in a 2:1 exchange with calcium, so there will be a net increase in TDS when comparing these 2 components. The overall TDS will be reduced by the removal of contaminants but it's important to note the impact of the sodium-calcium exchange when using TDS as a measurement.

Softener Pack

The Softener Pack contains similar ingredients to the Clean pack in a different ratio. This means it will still reduce the same contaminants while also removing more limescale. We recommend using this pack if you have very hard water as it will remove more minerals than necessary in soft/moderate water areas.

Alkaline Pack

The Alkaline Pack is designed to add minerals and electrolytes to your tap water and raise the pH level slightly. The Alkaline Pack will not remove calcium like the Clean Pack and Softener Pack, and it will also add some magnesium to the water as part of the filtration process. This increase in minerals and electrolytes makes the water more equipped for optimum hydration.

Both packs remove the same nasties; chlorine, odours, & heavy metals.

The Alkaline Pack is more suited for customers with softer water. Again, we recommend checking your hardness level to find out what kind of water you have in your postcode area. You can still use the Alkaline Pack if you live in a hard water area; although we don't recommend using the filtered water in your kettle and kitchen appliances because it will not remove calcium carbonate (hardness) effectively.

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